DeWalch Technologies, Inc. is a diversified manufacturing and product development company that has been developing leading edge products for our markets since 1982. When it comes to innovative products that solve your revenue protection needs, DeWalch is your answer. DeWalch's products have changed the revenue protection hardware marketplace, beginning with the introduction of our high security rotating bit key and disk tumbler lock in the 80's. Prior to the arrival of the DeWalch Locking System, utilities were forced to settle for plunger locks based upon locking mechanisms originally introduced in the 30's.

At DeWalch, we listen to our customers and the marketplace. Our products are designed and manufactured to provide customers greater productivity, enhanced security and highest overall value.

DeWalch also manufactures plunger locks that are compatible with most locking systems. Even if you don't wish to upgrade your locking devices at this point, we invite you to visit and bookmark our Homepage at to fully understand the benefits of our innovative locking hardware at a very competitive pricing.

6850 Wynnwood; Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (800) 880-8993 Fax: (713) 861-8997

Ricardo Herrero-Velarde - Director of Sales & Marketing
Chris Benson - Regional Sales Manager
Leo Sochanek - Regional Sales Manager
Miguel Toledo - Latin America Sales Manager

All products shown (excluding the plunger lock) are U.S. and foreign patent-protected and pending.