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    Revenue Protection Program

    If your utility is finally considering starting a formal Revenue Protection Program, or if YOU want to try to illustrate the need for such a Program to your utility's Officers, please feel free to contact any of the Revenue Protection Organization Officers listed on this site. We will be more than happy to direct you to speakers, training resources, equipment providers, and just about everything you might need to start off in the right direction. We suggest you start with the Officers of a regional Revenue Protection Organization in your area, listed on the main IURPA page. Many of these Officers may also be found on the E-mail page.

    We also suggest that if you already have some form of Revenue Protection Program, and are not already a member of a Revenue Protection Organization, that you and your utility join one to take full advantage of the resources available.

    You may find some interesting and related "Editorials" on the "Editorial Page" including how Revenue Protection fits into the Deregulation picture.

    No 2 Energy Theft