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    Say NO 2 Theft
    Energy Theft Report Form

    IURPA has an "Energy Theft Report Form" on the Internet!

    A while back I came up with a new idea for the IURPA Web Site, and it can be a "hit". While working on an anonymous theft report form for my own company's Internet & Intranet 'Sites, I received an E-mail from Ivan Wren in Great Britain which included his difficulties convincing his company to put energy theft information on their Web Site.

    This got me thinking about putting a form on the IURPA Web Site that can be used to report suspected energy theft situations anywhere in the world! IURPA (in the guise of the Web Master) would receive the E-mail generated form and forward it to the appropriate utility/agency. If handled right, this could do many good things for IURPA:

  • Good PR from "customers", who can report theft from anywhere in the world regarding theft they know of in any location without having to figure what company's Web Site to visit. (Our FIRST feature for the general public).

  • Good PR from Companies that we provide the information to, especially if it is fruitful. It will generate more interest in IURPA and increase membership applications.

  • This is a "Value added service" to our membership and their utilities, and adds a reason to join IURPA and maintain membership.

  • Good PR from the News Media, if we handle it right. Some of you will remember what happened after Scottish Hydro found a theft situation because of a news group post that was forwarded to Alan Dick in Great Britain, who then forwarded it to them?

    Unlike the rest of our Web Site, we will actually promote it to the general public.

    We will:

  • Submit it regularly to Internet search engines.

  • Submit news releases locally and internationally to the public news media.

  • Ask Utilities with Online theft forms to include a link from their form to ours, for those who are reporting theft in someone else's service territory.

  • Ask Utilities with Web Sites but without theft forms to link to ours for theft reports.

  • Ask Utilities to include the address in printed ads.

  • Advertise in appropriate Internet Usenet groups.

  • Promote, promote, promote!!!

    Since there is virtually no cost to create or maintain the page (since we already have everything in place), even if it doesn't "make the big-time", we're not losing anything.

    If you look at the form, you will notice that there are no links to the rest of the Web Site. This won't keep anyone out of the rest of our Web Site, but it makes it a little harder to get in.

    We are only promoting the address of the report form page:


    Please feel free to pass this address and information along to your organization's Web Masters, Corporate Communications local news media, anyone who you feel is appropriate to get the word out to the public in your area. In addition, I will be seeking some of your direction if we start receiving the forms........

    No 2 Energy Theft