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New High Security Barrel Lock System  for Valves


End Cap

Barrel Lock

The internal groove in this new end cap allows it to be adjusted against a valve's ears before locking the new high thrust barrel lock in place.

End cap adjusts 3/8" before locking in place.

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New High Security Barrel Lock System for Electric Meter Boxes

This meter box is secured by a barrel lock with a new retaining system that is mounted inside the box.
The barrel lock goes through the lid,
bracket, base and retainer and clamps the assembly together with about 60 lbs of force. The wrap-around bracket, positions and pins the retainer against the inside corner of the box. The bracket is made of thru-hardened spring stainless steel and is very tamper resistant.

Front view

Cut-away of meter box

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Meterguard's new high thrust barrel lock generates a unique clamping force of over 60 lbs and produces a tight, tamper proof installation when used on end caps, housings or rings. The locks are completely sealed and are water tight, they are made of thru-hardened stainless steel and are guaranteed not to rust! They can easily handle dirt, mud, insects, foreign objects, water, ice, abuse and neglect for decades. The short tapered head cannot be gripped with pliers or similar tools and will not break off.

The "adjustable grip" end cap for barrel locks, is new to the industry. The unique internal geometry allows the end cap to be infinitely adjusted and tightened against a valve's ears before locking the barrel lock in place. A tight installation helps prevent the use of pry bars and similar tools. The cap is made of thru-hardened stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust.

bracket and retainer system for electric meter boxes is new to the barrel lock industry. This new compact system offers a cost effective and highly tamper resistant alternative to the traditional bulky, recessed housings. Since the head of Meterguard's barrel lock cannot be broken off, the added expense of a bulky housing with a protective recess is not required. The retainer is made of stainless steel; the bracket is made of spring stainless steel; both are guaranteed not to rust.

Key is easy to operate and remains coupled to the barrel lock until released. The key is made of 100% stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust. The components which are subjected to high stress, are heat treated to maximize toughness.  The key will hold up to years of rigorous use and will remain functional even when used in muddy water. Meterguard's keys are almost impossible to duplicate and are only sold to registered utilities!

Guaranteed not to rust!
Meterguard Barrel Locks fit all industry standard
housings and rings and are available in short and long lengths;
they can handle all meter and valve applications, no matter how tough or dirty.

The high thrust barrel lock, adjustable end cap, square can bracket and retainer are Patent Pending.

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