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    There are many reasons to join IURPA. The IURPA Newsletter, full of useful Revenue Protection news and information, is ONLY sent to fully registered, dues paying, IURPA Members. In addition, Used IDs & Passwords for the Web Site "Members Only" section will soon be available only to dues paying members. Very soon, Membership Certificates will be issued to IURPA Members. As IURPA continues to grow, there will be more items added to this list of member benefits. IURPA Dues are currently $50.00 per year, a bargain at any price ! !

    Filling out the "E-Mail Distribution List Form" gets your information into the IURPA On-Line database, and puts you on our E-mail distribution list and E-mail address listing page (in the Members Only section). It does not entitle you to all of the benefits of a dues paying member. You need to become a Dues Paying Member in order to take full advantage of IURPA benefits. You may go to the online Credit Card Signup page. From that page you can either complete the online form or Download the the forms and mail them in. Here is the link to the "Membership Form" You may also access the on line forms from the "Thank You" page that follows completion of the "On-Line Email List form Form".

    IURPA Now Accepts Credit Cards!!

    As of June 7th, 2001, the International Utilities Revenue Protection Association (IURPA) is able to accept Credit Cards for annual dues payment. There is an on-line form, which generates an E-mail that is E-mailed directly to IURPA. You can also download the form in Microsoft Word, Rich Text, or Plain Text format, as a Regular ZIP (.zip) or a Self Extracting Zip (.exe) containing all three formats. Fill the form out and return it as an E-Mail attachment, FAX it, or postal-mail it in.

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