1997 IURPA / WSETA Conference



  • The 1997 WSETA Conference was held in conjunction with the 1997 IURPA Conference!

    This conference had one of the largest contingents of International participants ever ! !

    Warning: Page loads slow !

    Lots of Photographs ! !

    All photographs courtesy of:

    Richard St Clair

    PRI Limited, Hampshire England

    Fountains at the front of the Wigwam Resort

    IURPA Chairperson Richard Umlauf getting things started

    Alan Dick from the UK addresses the group

    Robin Bradshaw of Scotland takes a turn

    Phoenix Police Chief Dennis Garrett discusses getting the Police involved

    William Koen from South Africa explains his energy theft problems

    Woody gives IURPA Director Ruth Durkee some tokens of appreciation after her presentation

    Bobby Mitchell of FP&L talks about Automated Meter Reading

    The British contingent at pool side. L to R: Dick Massey, Alan Dick, and Robin Bradshaw.

    Woody with some of the many International conference attendees in the Arizona Bar at the Wigwam

    Robin Bradshaw from Manweb/Scottish Power relaxing in the Arizona Bar after a long conference schedule

    Dr. Horst Finck, Commercial Manager of Empresa de Energia de Bogata, Columbia enjoys a cool one at the end of the day

    IURPA Chairperson Richard Umlauf and Director Ruth Durkee present WSETA officers Becky Coddington, Denise Thatcher, and Woody Woodward tokens of appreciation for their work putting the conference together

    WSETA President gives Denise Thatcher of APS a token of appreciation for her hard work

    Woody hands the duties of WSETA Presidency over to Becky Coddington of Sierra Pacific Power

    New WSETA President Becky Coddington hands out tokens of appreciation to some of the APS employees who helped make the conference a success

    There were no signs of the UFOs that showed up over Phoenix
    two months early in March. They must have gotten lost.........

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