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Photos provided by Cliff Green of Highfield

The 1998 IURPA Conference was held in
conjunction with the META Conference!

"And a good time was had by all...."

Vendor Hospitality was terrific !

I don't know about everyone, but those I spoke with had a terrific time!!
With attendees from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Tasmania - Australia,
Belize and Brazil, we had a good attendee mix. We learned a lot and had
(at least I did) a good time. The Second City dinner & show was a blast.
By the way, Malcolm, I'm still looking for "Australian Drop-bears".....

META President & IURPA Secretary Mike Szilvagyi gets it all started...

The Conference was held at the Westin Hotel / Renaissance Center, in
Detroit, MI, April 22-24, 1998 and was co-hosted by the Detroit Edison
Company and the Windsor Utilities Company. The facilities and service
were excellent, and the hosts did a terrific job coordinating everything !
My only complaint was that the conference was not long enough ..........

IURPA Director Alan Dick from the UK addresses the group

Old friend Don Heinek of UPC makes it to the Conference

IURPA Director Ruth Durkee listens to a question

Vendor Rep. Floyd Blackwell receives recognition

IURPA Chairperson John Vitali addresses the group

Ron Skelton discusses Electronic Data Security

Jolaine Cote of the Windsor Utilities Commission speaks to the group

Volunteers Erin & Kelly busy working at the Registration Desk

And finally; Woody tries to explain what he's doing.....

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